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Nathan has proven to be a resilient self-starter, hungry for knowledge and know-how
that he enjoys sharing with his customers. Strength and courage during his time as a
U.S. Marine, and while owning and operating a flooring business in Nevada and Iowa
inspired a fondness for tackling difficulties but enjoying the adventure along the way.

Today, commuting daily from his home in Reynosa, Mexico to the dealership is admired
by many, chuckled at by some. He welcomes it all, simply viewing it as part of the
excitement of pursuing the life he and his wife desire. Experience has taught him that
once he discovers what he needs, he’ll work hard to make things happen.
Spending over 17 years in the flooring business helped Nathan develop a clear
understanding of customer wants and needs. There’s something about being in
people’s homes that demands a service provider to uphold the utmost respect from the
beginning to the end of a project. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

That same respect is alive and well as he builds relationships with his customers at
Charles Clark Chevrolet in McAllen, Texas. There’s a reason why he won the, “Mark of
Excellence Award,” which acknowledges Top-Performing Salespeople. Helping people
find, purchase and learn about the vehicle they desire is the best part of his job. Don’t
be surprised if Nathan shares his tips on how to optimize your financing to save time,
money, and your credit score.

Nathan wants his customers to know,
“A lot of people are fearful of going to car dealerships, and of salespeople. I want to
change that reputation, and I’ll do it by just being my original self. There are plenty of
salespeople out there. I want to be the one people trust because we’ve built a
connection, and they want to do business with someone they like.”
Whether you’re a new or repeat customer, the vehicle buying experience can be
intimidating and uncomfortable. When Nathan is on the lot, he focuses on matching
customers with a vehicle that fits them the best, and he ensures that everyone enjoys
the ride.